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The PS3: What is Sony Thinking?

A statement was issued this morning stating that the much anticipated PS3 will be delayed, AGAIN. The new release date for the PS3 in Europe will now be somewhere around March of 2007 for Europe, Russia, and the Middle East. It has also been confirmed that the production of the console has been scaled back by a considerable amount. There will be only 100,000 consoles released in Japan when it goes on sale for them on November 11th. On top of that, North America will only be receiving roughly 400,000 units for launch on November 17th. Sony had originally announced that the first launch would be around 2 million, and now they are falling quite short of that.

What is going on here? Does Sony not realize they could be taking themselves out of the console race with these delays? They are already starting to see slipping profits, and so are some of their game creators. And all we keep hearing are excuses, excuses, and more excuses. By the time they start releasing their precious console, most of the world is going to own a 360. The prices are already dropping for the 360, and parents will not be willing to shell out money for both consoles. Sony was already taking some chances when they priced their console much higher than the 360 and the Wii. But, if you make them wait too long, they will purchase the best product that they can get their hands on. With all of these delays and unit cutbacks, Sony seems to want to keep pushing people towards the 360.

I think the best thing for Sony to do at the moment would be to step up and admit they tried to take on too much at once. Sony has stated more than once that the PS3 will be on the market at least 10 before they consider making a replacement. So, they are trying to jam every new technology into this one, and it seems it’s too much to juggle. There are many gamers that have expressed the feeling of being lied to by Sony, and they just want to hear the truth. If you deceive your customers, they will know it, and Sony has too much competition to risk that. It’s like trying to play a video game with a broken controller: you can barely get through, you usually end up dying, and all your efforts were a waste of time. Wake up Sony!




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