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Get rid of puffy eyes – Home remedies to prevent puffy eyes

This is one of the most common beauty problems.

Possible symptoms of puffy eyes

  • Swelling around the eyes
  • Swollen, puffy eyelids
  • Itching eyes
  • Eye redness
  • Inability to close or open the eyes

Possible causes of puffy eyes

  • Changes in your body’s fluid balance such as due to weather changes, travel or hormone fluctuations.
  • Hangovers can also produce puffy eyes.
  • Drug induced hypothyroidism(such as lithium) can also cause puffy eyes.
  • If itching or redness accompanies the puffiness, it may be due to an allergy or dermatitis.
  • Fluids get trapped in the tissues under the eyes. Usually the eyes are puffiest when you awake. Puffy eyes can also be a sign of sinus and allergy problems.
  • Puffy eyes can also be a heredity problem.

Simple Home Remedies that can help you get rid of puffy eyes:

1. Gently tap your skin with your ring finger when you are applying eye cream to encourage the excess fluid to drain away.

2. Store creams in the refrigerator, as the coldness will also help reduce puffiness.

3. Place strips of grated potato under your eyes to help reduce swelling. Strawberries and cucumber can also help.

4. Fill a small bowl with iced water or ice-cold milk. Soak a cottonwool pad with the liquid and lie down with the dampened pads over your eyes. Replace the pads as soon as they become warm. Continue for 15 minutes. As well as reducing puffiness, this treatment will brighten the whites of your eyes.

5. Drink of enough water will also reduce eye puffiness. When a person is dehydrated the body starts storing water as a defense system and this will add to puffy eyes, so drink around 8-10 glass of water daily to get rid of puffy eyes.

6. Make sure you get enough sleep with regular timings.

7. If your eyes are puffy in the morning, go straight for a cube of ice. Wrap it in a paper towel and hold it over each eyelid for a few minutes. The cold will reduce the swelling.




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