Divine Healing

We are all here on earth to heal each other. Everytime we speak, all the things we do, all the words we say, every person we meet... Let it be such that healing happens. Whenever we heal others we are also healing ourselves. By surrounding ourselves with love and energy, By remaining in a state … Continue reading Divine Healing

Healthy Trans Fats vs. Unhealthy Trans Fats Revealed

I'm going to talk about something today that most of you have probably never heard...that there is a distinction between good trans fats and bad trans fats. There is some evidence that the good trans can help you with fat loss, muscle building, and even cancer prevention, while the bad trans fats have been shown … Continue reading Healthy Trans Fats vs. Unhealthy Trans Fats Revealed

Get rid of puffy eyes – Home remedies to prevent puffy eyes

This is one of the most common beauty problems. Possible symptoms of puffy eyes Swelling around the eyes Swollen, puffy eyelids Itching eyes Eye redness Inability to close or open the eyes Possible causes of puffy eyes Changes in your body's fluid balance such as due to weather changes, travel or hormone fluctuations. Hangovers can … Continue reading Get rid of puffy eyes – Home remedies to prevent puffy eyes

Baby Assessment in Emergency

  INTRODUCTION Eleven percent of the EMS runs in Long Beach involve patients who are 14 years or younger. Optimal patient care requires that the EMT-I and EMT-P understand the differences within the various pediatric age groups and be able to confidently identify and manage the critically ill child in the field. The following topics … Continue reading Baby Assessment in Emergency

Homeopathic Remedies indicated for Psoriasis

Homeopathy is very beneficial for the cases where relapse is seen. For example acne, psoriasis, asthma, etc. It helps in effectively controlling the relapse and hence, the disease slowly and steadily decreases in its intensity. Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, noticed that fundamental cause of all natural diseases is miasms. The effects of these miasms were … Continue reading Homeopathic Remedies indicated for Psoriasis

Tips for Prevention of Psoriasis

First is hydrating the body. We all know ‘water is the fountain of youth’.  Also, psoriasis get worse if the skin gets dry. Approximately 50% to 70% of our body mass is made up of water, including skin, tissues, cells and the organs. Water removes toxins and waste products from the body thereby cleansing it.Second comes … Continue reading Tips for Prevention of Psoriasis

Jaundice and its recovery diet

Jaundice is a symptom complex which is characterised by yellow colouration of tissues and body fluids due to increase in bile pigments.Lemon water too helps but drink in moderation Coconut water is very helpful as it contains potassium and plenty of nutrients that are beneficial for liver. It is a good source of antioxidants which help in fighting the free radicals that c

Asthma and Homeopathy

It is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the small airways which is characterised by episodic, reversible bronchial obstruction due to hyper-responsiveness of trachea-bronchial tree to a multiplicity of intrinsic and extrinsic stimuli manifested clinically by paraoxysms of polyphonic wheeze, dyspnoea, and cough which may be relieved spontaneously or as a result of therapy. Normal vs … Continue reading Asthma and Homeopathy

Delusions of common Homeopathic remedies

Aconite – Being possessed of brain in stomachArsenic -Rest cannot when things are not in proper place (Wants everything organised)Arnica – Bed too hardAnacardium – Being double (dual personality)Belladona – Bed sinking down (Baptisia, Kali carb also shares same delusion)Bryonia – Being occupied by businessChamomilla – Impatience pain from ( Very Impatient child)Chelidonium- Dullness , … Continue reading Delusions of common Homeopathic remedies

Memory, Learning and Enhancing

Memory, learning and enhancing is an important aspect of our lives. In this we will see certain techniques to enhance the learning skills. Your brain processes your experiences and all the information gathered by your senses. Most of this data is discarded, but the important perceptions, facts, and skills are stored in your memory. This … Continue reading Memory, Learning and Enhancing

Health dimension

Dimensions of Health

Overall good health and wellness are inter-dependent on five dimensions, namely physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual. These good health parameters have been set by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1948. Our body and mind are tuned to send us signals for any nonfunctional activity, generally called symptoms. It’s important to read and understand … Continue reading Dimensions of Health

Weight loss/Obesity tips with Homeopathy

You want to loose weight, but tired of hit and trial methods, than, you need to Rethink Why am I gaining Weight? Weight loss/obesity tips with homeopathy shows good results in tackling problems associated with obesity. Obesity has become very common all over the world, mostly due to wrong eating habits or sedentary lifestyle or due … Continue reading Weight loss/Obesity tips with Homeopathy

Premature Baldness Treatment

We all have the right to enjoy beautiful, lustrous hair. But it requires care and efforts in right direction. Some are blessed with long, shiny hair and some are able to achieve beautiful hair with due diligence. Start taking the required input and feel good within you. Premature baldness is becoming the matter of concern as The American Hair Loss Association estimates … Continue reading Premature Baldness Treatment

What are the brain waves and its impact on our body

Brain waves is an interesting topic of research along with its impacts on our body. Brain waves studies helps us in diagnosing brain health. It is well known that the brain is an electrochemical organ. Researchers have speculated that a fully functioning brain can generate as much as 10 watts of electrical power. Other more conservative … Continue reading What are the brain waves and its impact on our body

Classification of brain

Brain and its parts described

Brain and it’s parts description in the most uncomplicated and easily understandable manner – Your Brain is the most complex organ of the body. It has the capacity to think, reason, apply logic, and so much more. All the credit for this thinking ability goes to our brain, a tiny organ weighing about 3 pounds, which is what makes us … Continue reading Brain and its parts described