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UPPSC MCQ’s in Homeopathy

1:-The first edition of Organon of medicine was published in the year

2:-Drug proving is mentioned in _________ aphorism of Organon of Medicine.

3:-__________ is derived by the process of dynamisation.
 D:-All the above

4:-The selection of Homeopathic remedy is based on
 B:-Case taking
 D:-Totality of symptoms

5:-The medicine most Homeopathically corresponding are called
 A:-Specific remedy
 D:-Both 1 and 3

6:-Olive oil is a _________ oil.
 C:-1 and 3

7:-Isinglass is used for the preparation of

8:-Fundamental rules for Class I of mother tincture preparation is given in

9:-Class V includes
 A:-Those chemical drugs which are soluble in purified water
 B:-Those chemical drugs which are soluble in Alcohol
 C:-Fresh animal and vegetable drugs

10:-An obstruction made up of a porous material placed in or above the neck and below the powdered drug substance in a percolator is called

11:-When the medicament is in powdered form, the method of ointment preparation is
 A:-Mechanical incorporation
 C:-Fusion method

12:-Mother tinctures should be kept at a temperature of
 A:-16.4 degree celsious
 B:-20 degree celsious
 C:-20.6 degree celsious
 D:-15.6 degree celsious

13:-Phosphorous mother tincture should be stored in
 D:-All the above

14:-The chemical substance which is responsible for the therapeutic effect in a drug is
 A:-Active principle

15:-Sarcodes are medicines obtained from
 A:-Products of disease
 B:-Healthy animal tissues and secretions
 C:-Invisible energy sources

16:-Glass mortar is used for the preparation of
 B:-Mercurial drugs
 C:-Nitrogenous drugs
 D:-Soft substances

17:-Most accurate thermometer is
 A:-Liquid thermometer
 B:-Gas thermometer
 C:-Mercury thermometer
 D:-All the above

18:-Which one is a medicine prepared from fungus ?

19:-Sugar of milk should not be medicated with medicines prepared with
 B:-Purified water

20:-PART VIA of Drug and Cosmetic Rule 1945 dealts with
 A:-Manufacture of Homeopathic drugs
 B:-Sale of Homeopathic drugs
 C:-Homeopathic ophthalmic preparation
 D:-Good manufacturing practices

21:-Medicine prepared from the sun
 D:-Pollis umbo

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