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Figurine Collecting for Dog Lovers

Dogs have been for many of us part of the family for many generations. They are a companion to the aged and a friend and playmate to the young. Each dog has a different character and is loyal and faithful to its master. These canines are intelligent creatures and can perform amazing acts and tricks, and are often used in books and films as the hero in the story. So it is understandable why there is such a huge demand for dog figurines in the market. In fact I do not believe there is any dog breed or type or size or color that is not available.

Dog figurines are the perfect gift for the dog lover, and are great for any occasion. I am certain you won’t have a problem finding the dog that goes with the receiver, for example a Shnauzer figurine. Some artists enjoy making amusing ceramic dog figurines that capture human characteristics and portray them in their dogs. Other artists who make detailed pewter or pewter figurines, like to capture the characters of that particular dog breed, such as the Shnauzer or the Schnauzer, or even the Boston Terrier. One of my favorites is the English sheep dog figurine with its long shaggy coat, and my German shepherd dog – a replica of my own faithful Shadow.

Here are some other types of figurines you could get:
horse figurines
golden retriever figurines
lion figurines
animal figurines
cat figurines
rooster figurines
dog figurines
dragons figurines

I grew up on a small farm, big enough to hold a few farm animals and never less than six dogs at a time. They were my constant companion when going for walks or picking fruit or doing some outdoor chore. Most of our dogs were born and died on the farm over a period of 20 years, so we had the privilege of seeing many puppies being born. The one year two of our female Shnauzer’s had eight puppies each within a few days of each other. We ended up with 16 puppies – what a mission it was to keep the little darlings from roaming around and getting under our feet. When it came time to find homes for them all, we didn’t want to let them go. In the end I kept two of them. These puppies inspired me to start collecting dogs figurines of all kinds made from different material. I still have some today and consider them some of my treasured collectables.

Dogs have been an inspiration to many artists. My mother is also an artist. She used to sit down with her drawing book and make sketches of the dogs on the farm. It was what brought her pleasure and watching her enjoy creation was a big part of our life. I remember when she became interested in pottery and started sculpting animals out of clay, especially Shnauzer or Boston Terrier figurines . They were beautiful but very fragile, so I was not allowed to play with them, just look at them and admire them. This is when I learnt to appreciate the value of art. Being a dog lover myself I’d started collecting many different kinds of dog sculptures made mostly from clay, plastic and pewter. Later I started collecting figurines made of glass, crystal, brass and pewter. I was proud of my collection. Eventually my friends and family would buy me dog figurines for my birthday and any other occasion until my collection grew so large I didn’t know what to do with them all.

If you are looking specifically for dog figurines, the Internet can offer you a wide range of different varieties and breeds of dogs. You can find different styles from plain key chains and beautiful sculptures and figurines, to Christmas ornaments and exquisite jewelry. Many of these collectibles are handcrafted by experts from all around the world. Finding dog figurines on the Internet is really simple even though requires a bit of patience, especially when looking for a particular breed, such as a Shnauzer. Our advice is to take your time and enjoy the search – you will find many interesting sites with a delightful variety of dog figurines to browse through. It will be worth the time spent and you would’ve gained some good knowledge on dog figurines and their value.

If I may give you a friendly word of advise on cleaning your figurines – dust or wipe your figurines gently once a week if you can. This will keep them looking clean and shiny and your display will be highly appreciated by all your friends and visitors.

Collecting dog figurines is like a drug; you have to have the latest and the best. It’s in the blood.



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