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Divine Healing

We are all here on earth to heal each other.

Everytime we speak, all the things we do, all the words we say, every person we meet…
Let it be such that healing happens.

Whenever we heal others we are also healing ourselves.

By surrounding ourselves with love and energy,
By remaining in a state of gentleness and calm,
By being forgiving to the stupidities, follies and malicious behaviour of others,
By being kind hearted and concerned of others,
We are getting qualified to receive Divine Healing from the Cosmos.

Suddenly you will find that in a world full of diseases and all sorts of illnesses, you are spared and blessed with good health. You are lucky enough to not have to go through any illness, sufferings and pain.

The reason is nothing but your good deed and kind acts of selflessness.

You have healed so many people through your love and caring, your kind words and attention. Your thoughtfulness to others lives.

This gives you the Divine Powers of Healing.

You can also use the magical mantras of Lord Vishnu – the preserver.

By chanting this very powerful magical mantra, especially after midnight when all people have gone to sleep and hence there is no collective mind pollution, you can cure any disease and illness.

Aum Namo Bhagvatey Vasudevaya
Aum – Hari Aum – Hari Aum – Hari Aum – Aum – Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna
So – Hum
Aum – Hrim – Arham – Namah
By: Pankaj Sampat



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