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20 WordPress Tips

WordPress has become the world’s most popular way to manage websites and there are two key reasons for that:
It has a straightforward interface that makes it easy for anyone to use.
It has an architecture that makes it easy for just about anyone to customize.

  1. When you’ve installed WordPress on your own hosting account, you can’t log in by going to WordPress.com.
  2. Keep your User email address up to date.
  3. Never make changes to the core files of WordPress itself, or of your Themes or Plugins.
  4. You should backup your WordPress database and all your files as often as you change your content.
  5. It can be confusing when people talk about WordPress Permalinks, because there are two kinds: Permalinks and Pretty Permalinks.
  6. Knowing where content is or where functions are in WordPress will make things a lot easier for you.
  7. Add or remove admin screen boxes by using the Screen options tab at the top right of any screen.
  8. What’s displayed on a WordPress admin menu can vary from user to user and, of course, from site to site.
  9. Most Meta Boxes on an admin screen can be moved to a different position by clicking and dragging, so rearrange them to best suit your needs.
  10. To return to search results from a WordPress listings page, you can open links in a new tab or hit your browser’s back button twice.
  11. A Post in a Child Category will also display in the Parent Category even if the Parent Category is not checked.
  12. Knowing when to use Posts vs Pages can save a lot of work at a later date.
  13. You change the order in which Comments appear by going to Settings -> Discussion.
  14. Don’t use all uppercase or all lowercase for titles of Posts, Pages, or Categories.
  15. If you change the name of a Category or Tag, you need to change the Slug, check Menu links, and redirect old links.
  16. If you change the Title of a Post or a Page and you have Pretty Permalinks turned on, be sure to update the Permalink or Slug.
  17. Don’t use Heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) just to style text – these tags have special meanings.
  18. In the Visual Editor, you can create a new line within a paragraph using Shift-Enter/Return.
  19. Unless there’s some compelling reason, don’t upload video or audio files to your WordPress hosting account.
  20. Don’t use the auto-add feature for Menus.

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