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Tips to get rid of Brain Fog

Brain Fog or Mental fatigue is a type of cognitive dysfunction. It is not a disease, its just a sensation that you just can’t think clearly. You aren’t able to concentrate, you become forgetful, and/or your thinking pace is slowed down.

It can be due do hormonal changes, medications, or any medical illnesses such as anemia, depression, diabetes, hypothyroidism, migraine, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, depression etc.

When to see a Doctor – If brain fog is worse than usual, or interferes with daily life, visit your doctor about it. 

Improvement Tips

  • Avoid sugar – To understand brain fog, eat 250 gms sugary cake on an empty stomach, than try to do math problems or architectural work. You will get the point clearly. This is called ‘sugar blues’.
  • Walk n Exercise – Walking has ample health benefits. It is one of the easiest ways for a better body and mind.  Physical movement causes the release of helpful chemical messengers called cytokines as well as chemicals that are responsible for elation called endorphins. Engage yourself in some kind of enjoyable activity (walk, exercise, run, dance).
  • Good Night Sleep – Maintain a good sleeping regime. Say bye-bye to all other activities such as, Facebook, Internet, Games etc, especially two hours before sleep. Always remember Fresh mind is the best medicine to fight with brain fog.
  • Try Deep breathing and Meditation – Close your eyes and take several deep breaths through your nose. Pay attention to your breath and allow the tension to run out of your muscles. Watch your thoughts, identify the problem areas.
  • Fasting – Intermittent fasting can help both in reducing weight as well as brain fog. But,it should be performed under guidance.
  • Diet – Avoid alcohol and caffeine. Keep yourself hydrated as dehydration can too cause brain fog. Eat foods containing omega 3 fatty acids, such as walnuts, almonds; high protein diet, fruits and green leafy vegetables.

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