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The best sports during summer and Corona

Covid-19 is causing a lot of damage to society and economy in 2020. We all need to have an eye on each other to stay healthy and happy. Wearing masks in public spaces is essential to protect order people and to stop spreading the virus. However, we still need to enjoy our lives and enjoy summer.

Therefore, we created a list of sports that are save to practice during Covid-19 and a perfect fit for good weather and sunshine.


Beerpong is a great sport right now because you can play it 1on1 and still keep a distance between you and your sports mate. Keep the ball clean at all times by placing a cup of water on both sides of the table. Make sure to not share a cup of beer with each other. You should prefer playing beerpong outdoors over indoor at any time.


Tennis is a nice sport during summer because you usually play it outdoors. With the big distance between the two players, it is save to say that you won’t get infected with Covid-19 while playing tennis. However, you should take your shower after sports at home.


Some might say that golf is not a sport at all, but during Covid-19 it is a great alternative to other sports. You get a lot of fresh air, you can keep a solid distance to other people and there is no need to use a public dresser or shower.


Right now is the best time to go jogging or take a walk through the forest. Here you won’t get in touch with other people and you can enjoy the sun on your own. Take your time to explore your surrounding area.

Ride your bike

If you got a bike, you should take a ride on it. You can do this with a friend without risking an infection. If you got some spare time, you can plan a three days trip to a lakeComputer Technology Articles, or explore places you haven’t seen before.

Can you think of more sports that are perfectly suitable for the time we suffer from Covid-19?

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