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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire DVD Review

Harry Potter’s success worldwide is simply undeniable. The books have all been best-sellers, the movies top the charts, and Harry Potter merchandise is always in hot demand. With such high popularity and such a devout following of Harry Potter fanatics, high expectations result. Thus far, the movies have, for the most part, delivered in their task of bringing the books to life through glamorous special effects, excellent sets and environments, and solid acting.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was, in the eyes of most critics, the most successful movie thus far in the Harry Potter series and the DVD follows through with only some minor problems. Although some of the performances in the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie were a bit lackluster, to say the least, the movie held true to the novel and delivered exactly what fans wanted to see. It took the series on a darker path, similar to its paperbound counterpart, and movie-goers enjoyed the experience. Although the high budget of the films can probably be accredited for the fact that some of the acting is overlooked, the quality of the movie was still spot-on in most regards.

The DVD also delivers in most respects. The audio is delivered beautifully in high quality with plenty of options. The movie transferred well to the small screen in all but one area. The main problem with the DVD lies simply with the night scenes. The scenes are much too dark and the problem should have been noticed and resolved prior to the release of the DVD. This problem isn’t major and won’t even be noticed by many, but it still does exist and that knocks the DVD down a couple points. The extras offered on the DVD are simply spectacular.

There are quite a few lengthy, interesting features and many intriguing additional scenes that didn’t make the final cut for the theatrical release. However, even more fun and engaging are the demos and interactive games that can be played through this DVD. These games are surprisingly fun and fans of the movie who purchase the DVD will definitely want to try them out. The Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire DVD turns out to be a solid offering.

Fans of the series and of the movie will undoubtedly want to pick this one up to add it to their collection and so they can view the movie on demand. The extras are well worth it and aside from the slight problem with the presentation, the movie make a successful transition to DVD form.

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