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  • Top 10 Brain Damaging Habits by WHO
    Brain is the essence of life. Let’s Check here what are the top 10 brain damaging habits by WHO (World Health Organisation). Five lettered word brain is the most vital organ of human body. It is the control center which helps in co-ordination of all activities. So, What are the top 10 brain damaging habits … Continue reading Top 10 Brain Damaging Habits by WHO
  • Clinical Tips by learned homeopaths
    Learned Homeopaths have given very useful tips for clinical practice which we can help us in improving the success rate of treatment Causticum is the routine remedy for Retention of Urine after operation. – Dr. D.M. Foubister. Hyoscyamus is one of our best remedies for Hiccough occurring after operations on the abdomen. – Dr. E.A. … Continue reading Clinical Tips by learned homeopaths
  • Home Remedies which can help to boost immunity to fight with Covid19
    Covid 19 ia a new type of corona virus which started in year 2019 in China and spread to the rest of the word. There are simple home remedies which can boost immunity and makes us strong so as to fight covid19 virus. There is no cure available at this moment. However, the management is … Continue reading Home Remedies which can help to boost immunity to fight with Covid19
  • Homeopathy for allergies
    Homeopathy for allergies has good scope clinically. There are many remedies which are enlisted here which represents the homopathy drugs and their related allergies. Allergy to Antibiotic – SULPHURAllergy to Bananas – PHOSPHORUSAllergy to Bees – APIS MELAllergy to bread, acidic food – NATRUM MURIACATUMAllergy to Butter – SULPHURAllergy to beer; malt liquor – KALI … Continue reading Homeopathy for allergies
  • Anxiety Disorders
    Anxiety is alerting signal. It is a common signal which our body gives and warns the person of impending danger and enables them to take preventing measures. It prepares the body for ‘fight or flight’ reaction for survival. However, there are many instances where presence of anxiety is dysfunctional and produces stress and impairment of … Continue reading Anxiety Disorders
  • Interesting Psychological Hacks
    In the event that somebody asks you an inquiry they normally don’t ask, odds are they definitely know the appropriate response. Figure out how to talk reality. It will spare your relationship. Individuals with low confidence are probably going to embarrass others. In one examination, individuals who were informed that the aftereffects of their level … Continue reading Interesting Psychological Hacks
  • Calcium, its requirement, food sources and interesting facts
    Symbol – Ca Atomic Number – 20 Group -2 Period -4 Melting point – 1115k Boiling point – 1757k It is one of the most abundant minerals found in nature. Most common calcium compound on earth is calcium carbonate found in lime stones. Bone is a dynamic tissue which is remodeled throughout life. Bone cells … Continue reading Calcium, its requirement, food sources and interesting facts
  • Iron and its requirement for our body
    Symbol – Fe Atomic Number – 26 Period – 4 Group – 8 Main ions of iron – Ferrous (Fe2+) and ferric (Fe3+) Average adult human contains – 0.005% body weight of iron Out of this, three quarters are present in hemoglobin. This level remains constant, despite which 1 gm of iron is absorbed each … Continue reading Iron and its requirement for our body
  • Magnesium and its role
    Magnesium and its role Magnesium is used by plants for very important function called photosynthesis and hence, in its absence there would be NO LIFE. Fortunately we have abundant Magnesium present in nature. Magnesium is involved in hundreds of biochemical reactions in our body. It acts as a ‘helper molecule’ in the biochemical reactions performed by enzymes.
  • Dizziness
    Dizziness can be classified into 4 types – False sense of motion or spinning motion or illusion or hallucination of movement  – Vertigo Off- balance or Impaired walking due to difficulties with balance – Disequilibrium Losing consciousness or blacking out – Presyncope Vague symptoms possibly disconnected with environment or Dizziness which is not vertigo or presyncope … Continue reading Dizziness
  • Tips to get rid of Brain Fog
    Brain Fog or Mental fatigue is a type of cognitive dysfunction. It is not a disease, its just a sensation that you just can’t think clearly. You aren’t able to concentrate, you become forgetful, and/or your thinking pace is slowed down. It can be due do hormonal changes, medications, or any medical illnesses such as … Continue reading Tips to get rid of Brain Fog
  • Want to know about your Personality?
    Personality assumes significant job in how the individual responds in 90% of circumstances. Understanding ourselves and companions is basic to developing profitable connections, both at home, and work environment Personalities are spectrum and a bunched name shouldn’t really characterize our identity. Hence, Never label anyone. We should comprehend that everyone sees world distinctively, and we … Continue reading Want to know about your Personality?

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