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Acne and Homeopathy

Acne simplex is one of the most common problem of teens. It is estimated that around 85% of teens suffer from acne at some point of time.

How Homeopathy can help –

Homeopathy has been proven beneficial in dealing with acne. Some of the remedies, i am jotting down here.

Aurum Metallicum

  • Mercurial or syphilitic affections
  • Great depression, suicidal tendency
  • Ailments from over work
  • Acne due to menstrual irregularities, sexual excess, abuse of iodine
  • Acne especially on forehead

Antimonium Crudum

  • Acne of granular like eruption, lumpy, red, burning, suppurating
  • Excessive fretfulness, irritability and thickly coated white tongue
  • Aggravation by heat and cold bathing, alcohol
  • Cannot bear heat of sun
  • Tendency to grow fat
  • Acne with gastric derangement
  • Pimples, vesicles and pustules
  • Thick hard, honey coloured scabs
  • Dry skin, itching aggravated by touch, worse at night

Arsenic iodatum

  • Dry, scaly, itchy skin
  • Marked exfoliation of skin in the form of large scales, leaving a raw exuding surface beneath
  • Acne hard with induration at the base and pustules at the apex
  • Severe obstinate cases of acne

Asterias rubens

  • Red face, flabby, nervous people
  • Skin is without pliability and elasticity
  • Itchy spots on left arm and chest are common
  • Worse at night and damp weather

Carbo Vegetabilis

  • Skin is blue, cold and ecchymosed and venous over distension
  • Itching worse in evening, when warm in bed, open air, fatty foods, butter, coffee, milk, wine
  • Falling of hair from general weakened condition
  • Burning pain, offensive discharges
  • Acne from gastric derangement
  • Skin bleeds easily
  • Disintegration and imperfect oxidation are the keynotes of this remedy
  • Sluggish, fat and lazy person

Calcarea sulphurica

  • Unhealthy skin with cuts and bruises discharging pus (purulent)
  • Do not heal readily
  • Discharges are yellow, thick and lumpy with yellowish scabs
  • Many little matter-less pimples under hair, bleeding when scratched
  • Acne with glandular swellings


  • Dark complexion and rigid fibre person with delicate skin
  • Skin is dirty, white, sallow
  • Burning, rawness and soreness are characteristic of causticum
  • Intertrigo, bleeding easily
  • Aggravation in dry, cold winds
  • Amelioration in damp, wet weather and warmth

Kali bromatum

  • Bluish red pustules on face, chest and shoulders
  • Itching, induration  
  • Young people with coarse habits
  • Better when occupied mentally or physically
  • Acne due to menstrual irregularities, sexual excess

Nux vomica

  • It is indicated for thin, quick, active, nervous and irritable people
  • Leads a sedentary life
  • Ailments from excessive mental work
  • Acne from digestive disturbance
  • Aggravation from stimulants, tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, after eating, morning
  • Better by nap (evening nap), damp weather
  • Body burning hot, yet cannot uncover without feeling chilly
  • Acne red and skin blotchy


  • Psorinum is a cold medicine, wants the head kept warm, wants warm clothing even in summers
  • Extreme sensitiveness to cold
  • Secretions have a filthy smell
  • Intolerable itching
  • Sebaceous glands secretion is excessive; oily skin
  • Worse coffee, change of weather, dread of cold air
  • Better heat, warm clothing


  • Yellow complexion
  • Itching not relieved by scratching
  • Acne due to menstrual irregularities
  • Indifference to loved ones is very marked in sepia
  • Worse forenoons, evenings, washing, dampness, sweat, left side, eating sweets
  • Better by exercise, pressure, hot application


  • It is indicated for imperfect assimilation and consequent defective nutrition
  • Cold, chilly patient, wants plenty of warm clothing, lack of vital heat
  • Delicate, pale waxy skin with cracks on finger tips
  • Rose colored blotches, scars suddenly becomes painful
  • Offensive pus
  • Eruptions itch only during day time and in evening
  • Intolerance to alcoholic stimulants
  • Ripens abscess since it promotes suppuration
  • Worse new moon, morning, washing, during menses, lying down, left side, cold, dampness

Zincum metallicum

  • Pale face, marked anaemia with profound prostration
  • Weak memory and depression
  • Lethargic and reserved person
  • Retro-cession of eruptions
  • Worse from touch, after dinner, wine
  • Better while eating, discharges and appearance of eruptions

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